Why it is so important to hear the word “I love you”?

“She constantly asks me whether I love her though I always care for her, I pay attention and told already so many times about the feelings” … Familiarly? Our expert will tell why the words of love are so important for us.

Statistically, about 80% of people are not enough to see manifestations of feelings, they need to hear the words of love in the address.

couple in love

Why a phrase “I love you” is so important?

1. Uniqueness of a phrase

We love compliments not only because people around notice our advantages, but also because people tell each other pleasant things quite seldom. The same and with a phrase “I love you”. Agree, we hear these words infrequently, it also increases their importance.

2. Confirmation of reciprocity

A phrase “I love you” helps to check whether feelings of the partner are mutual. More it concerns the first recognition when the relations only begin to develop. Saying “I love you”, we kind of ask a mute question: “And you me?” What can be more indicative in the relations, than reaction of the person to declaration of love?

3. True reasons of acts

And about started over again or even origin of the relations in which the reason of actions of the partner is unclear. People are different, and at some care of people is a quality of character. And having only heard treasured “I love you”, it is possible to understand what actually moves the person: valid and kind attitude towards people around or love.

4. Feeling of own importance

Whatever one may do, the person – a social being who aspires to belonging to group with common interests. When the phrase “Is said I love you”, the door in new important group in which besides treasured participation of people receives attention, a support opens and gets rid of feeling of loneliness.

5. Self-confidence

As it was already told earlier, a phrase “I love you” speak seldom, so, not everything. For this reason, having heard these words, we begin to feel the uniqueness and the importance. Declaration of love confirms our value that becomes an additional source of self-confidence.

6. Stability guarantee

It is the most frequent reason for which the person wants to hear the words of love. Only this way the person obtains a guarantee that tomorrow nothing will change and the partner will not be gone unjustly any minute. And stability is often equated to comfort and slackness to which many so aspire.

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What to do if do if you don’t hear “I love you” often

To reduce the level of importance of someone’s words and to remember that if you love yourself, all above-mentioned reasons are scattered in ashes.

  1. Phrase rarity? The love or is, or it is absent. Words, in fact, do not influence the actual presence of this feeling at your relations.
  2. Check of reciprocity? You want to tell about love – say. Love for yourself, but do not try to become darling.
  3. Understanding of the true reasons? And whether it is really important how it is called when you have ideal relations? Someone love calls fights without rules with the spouse, but whether such “love” is necessary to you?
  4. Feeling of the importance? This feeling goes from within and can be directed only to itself. The person is independent and ready to take the responsibility for the life.
  5. Additional source of confidence? Why it, if confidence and so too much? And if is not enough, then it is time to be engaged in “pumping” of an internal core.
  6. And at last, any guarantees? Life does not give guarantees, but if we have no expectations, then any way will bring satisfaction and happiness. Nobody knows that he waits for us behind turn, and the lack of the overestimated expectations can present many pleasant surprises.

The main secret is that when there is a strong wish to hear treasured three words, it is necessary just to cease to demand them and to wait. The loving person himself will feel sooner or later as far as this recognition is important for you. The thing is more valuable, the more complex to share it. You remember, nobody should not nothing to anybody, and phrases “I love you” it concerns too.