Whisper Wednesday

This weekend we celebrated C’s 10th birthday. (We were only a couple weeks late, but hey we were in the same month!) He had invited a couple of boys from school to come over Sunday afternoon and spend the night, since Monday was a holiday. This was not our first sleepover hosting but it was the first in which we hosted kids we didn’t know particularly well. It was a small group, 2 boys (so nice) so we decided to go putt-putting.

I don’t know if you have seen the news or read any of my other posts but it has been monsoon weather here in Texas. The putt-putt place only had one course open and almost every hole was full with water! It was an adventure! But as we were driving to the place ,C and his 2 friends were in the back seat and the joy my heart felt hearing them talk. It was the best feeling knowing my crazy child, the lover of animals, the stubborn, silly boy, had found little people just like him.

These boys sat back there talking about a computer game called Poptropica and how to solve the levels. There was talk about which girls liked them and which girls they liked! (Yes at 10 this was the conversation.) Of course it was hard to take the crush talk seriously when minutes before as they were crawling in the vehicle they were all circled around snails that were on the ground. These sweet boys are still babies.

This weekend reminded me how fast time flies and in 8 short years C will be 18 and graduating from high school. It reminded me how I need to soak up these little boy moments because they will be gone all too soon and all I will have are the memories.