Whisper Wednesday

My kiddos are so exhausted.

The weather is gloomy and just yesterday the weatherman said we had received 21 inches of rain from January – May. That is the same amount of rain we received in total for all of 2014. And it seems like there is no end in site. Every day has some sort of rain percentage. The ground sounds like a smooshy sponge when you walk on it. There have been high water rescues. I mean the water is out of control.

There is 12 days of school left and I am not sure we are all going to make it. You know how you can hold on to a rope so long and then all the sudden there is the end and you fall? That is where we all are. C was not his best self at school on Monday, he actually crumpled up a paper in front of the substitute because he was told to do some of the work over. L spent all of Monday playing the trombone to the feeder elementary schools and Tuesday morning acted like he was going to fall out. He said his arms and body hurt so bad.

I have diagnosed all of our ailments. We are seriously lacking Vitamin D. By this time in the year we are all starting to look sun-kissed. But not this year. We are under umbrellas (if we are outside at all.)

So Sun, come out come out, where ever you are. We need you! We need your vitamins, your bright and shiny disposition because if you continue to stay behind the clouds we may not make it.