Whisper Wednesday

I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but I am pretty impressed by my kids. They make me proud.

Of course there are days when I could disown them as well. But yesterday L came home so excited.

L is in the 6th grade. For his elective this year he wanted to do band. (Now mind you I was in choir, so band is like a foreign universe for me). At the end of 5th grade he had to choose his instrument. He chose the trombone.

Great an instrument with no buttons! How will he ever figure out how to play.

The day he brought it home was comical at best.

But this kid has worked so hard. He was the first to finish the book in class by passing off all lines needed to show he knew how to play.

By March he had improved tremendously!

He has consistently stayed in the top 10 during all the chair tests. At the last one he was 5th chair. When he competed at UIL Solo contest he received a 1st division.

But I am most excited for his upcoming opportunity. It is to play at the 3 elementary schools that feed into the Intermediate School.

He auditioned for the part and only 5 trombones were chosen. He was one of them. In the trombone section there are 30 players. He truly beat the odds and he is so proud of himself. And that is why I am proud of him. He worked hard, set a goal and achieved it!