What do all these quotes have in common?

The common theme throughout is TEAMWORK! America is what is known as an individualistic culture. defines individualistic culture this way:

An individualistic culture is a culture in which the members’ primary focus is that of themselves and their immediate families.

In contrast to collectivistic cultures where the members are concerned more with the well being of the group than their own well being.

USA is a highly individualistic culture.

I am giving you this little lesson for one reason and that it to say, us as Americans are TERRIBLE team players! We feel that if what ever is going to be done correctly it is just easier if we just complete the work ourselves. Here is the problem in this thinking.

Life doesn’t work well like that!

Unless you live in a hole with no communication to the outside world you have to a work as a team with someone! EXAMPLES: Family, Work, Grocery Store (that is teamwork people!)

Now how can you help your tween/teen become a good team player? Because remember we are teaching them (not on purpose) to be individualistic, so we also need to be teaching them about teamwork!

The first team they join is YOUR family! The best thing you can do is start them young in making them feel like team players. Give them responsibilities (not only does this ease your load, but they feel as though they are a contributing member of this Special Team. There are many great resources about responsibilities at certain ages. I really like this one at because she too talks about how a family is a team.

Once your children know how a teammate is supposed to act and how when they don’t pull their weight on a certain day, it affects the whole team, they begin to see the world in a less “me-centered” way.

Our kids have to learn how to be good teammates and we are their coaches. We have to let them practice so that when game time comes. They will score a win for whatever team they are on!