Home Alone

home aloneThe tween/teen age is tricky. They technically are old enough to stay home. I know in Texas (my state) there is actually no law about age and staying home alone. Some states do have laws. Everything I found says regardless of the law remember the maturity level of your kid. Some kids just aren’t ready to stay home alone.

The Today Show is running a series right now called, “My Kid Would Never Do That.” The segment I am highlighting has to do with leaving kids home alone and how they react to someone at the door. As a parent you have told your kids the dont’s of staying home alone: don’t open the door, actually don’t even go close to the door, and especially don’t let the person in.

This segment done by The Today Show is eye opening and frightening and made me realize I haven’t told my kids all the don’ts!

Please watch and keep your kids safe.

Would Your Kid Allow A Stranger Into Your Home