Gloves in Kitchen

“Why you work without gloves???” – observers of purity in Instagram question

Well, first I do not sell what you see in video. It is just demonstration to pupils as this or that dessert becomes. And for demonstration master classes of requirement are absent, and everything that is prepared is eaten by me and film-making team which sees how many times and as I wash hands, and not only.

preparing food with gloves

Secondly, answer yourself a question: why gloves are necessary? It is correct! That no infection got to food product. And yes, at the correct use, gloves can help to protect products from cross pollution. But when are used incorrectly, they can extend anything even worse, than naked hands?

Why to wash hands is simpler and more effective

Just think how many times one confectioner for preparation of one dessert has to replace gloves? Each new ingredient needs to be taken clean hands! And whether there are confectioners who change gloves so often? In some desserts there can be at least 50 ingredients! I think the answer it is clear.

But whether every time is easier to wash correctly hands, as the bulk of confectioners makes? There is at least a special soap for food productions, all kills live on your hands. And if to observe purity in a workplace and to wash hands often, then no danger to buyers will exist!

And that about the commodity neighborhood, short nails without varnish, a clean form and they are all forgetting. But in gloves.

One lady wrote to me “I do not know what you made by these hands, can were picked a nose or hmm… in other places”! And unless gloves are a guarantor what the confectioner did not make it in them? It turns out they are necessary only for imaginary calm.

About sanitary standards

And here that tells us a San PiN concerning gloves: If the product is exposed to further heat treatment, then during the work of NOT glove with it are necessary. However, during the work with dishes, special gloves are necessary.

It in case we touch products, but is still nippers, pallets and other tools when which using, need of gloves besides disappears.

But even if gloves, OK. Somebody thought and what gloves are necessary or if only they were? “Oh, it has gloves and, these are 100% safely”. Kind of not so. It is just a craze in Instagram (and not only).

Not all gloves are equally useful

And that if I tell that not all gloves “are equally useful”.

Not all of them are suitable for use as most of them are not sterile, and such gloves have to be surely processed by a special disinfection product?

Though still there are, for example, medical gloves which though are sterile, but to use on food productions are forbidden. As a part of their material there are elements which should not contact to a product.

And I can write a lot more points, somehow “glove juice”, allergic reactions (for example, in the USA it is forbidden to use latex gloves at any contact with a product for this reason) and a lot everything.

But I summarize more simply: think with your own head and read FancyGlove reviews for detailed reviews and guides about gloves. And everything will be good, because you will have the knowledge to pick quality gloves for whatever task you need them.

As it is correct to use gloves

Well and advantage for the sake of, a couple of words about the correct use of gloves:

  • Choose only those gloves which are allowed to contact with products (on packing there has to be a special sign, looks as a fork and a glass).
  • Wash hands before putting on gloves and every time before change with new couple. Gloves are not replacement of the correct washing of hands.
  • Remove and throw out gloves, wash up hands and change for clean gloves after processing of one product and before work with another.
  • Gloves are intended only for one-time use. Remember that the purpose of wearing gloves is avoiding of cross pollution.
  • Change every time when gloves tore for clean couple or contacted to an insanitary surface.

By the way, all foreign confectioners at whom I studied, study and I will study, do not work in gloves. Also say that “a subject of gloves” the patient only in the Russian Federation and the CIS.