Whisper Wednesday

This weekend we celebrated C’s 10th birthday. (We were only a couple weeks late, but hey we were in the same month!) He had invited a couple of boys from school to come over Sunday afternoon and spend the night, since Monday was a holiday. This was not our first sleepover hosting but it was the first in which we hosted kids we didn’t know particularly well. It was a small group, 2 boys (so nice) so we decided to go putt-putting.

I don’t know if you have seen the news or read any of my other posts but it has been monsoon weather here in Texas. The putt-putt place only had one course open and almost every hole was full with water! It was an adventure! But as we were driving to the place ,C and his 2 friends were in the back seat and the joy my heart felt hearing them talk. It was the best feeling knowing my crazy child, the lover of animals, the stubborn, silly boy, had found little people just like him.

These boys sat back there talking about a computer game called Poptropica and how to solve the levels. There was talk about which girls liked them and which girls they liked! (Yes at 10 this was the conversation.) Of course it was hard to take the crush talk seriously when minutes before as they were crawling in the vehicle they were all circled around snails that were on the ground. These sweet boys are still babies.

This weekend reminded me how fast time flies and in 8 short years C will be 18 and graduating from high school. It reminded me how I need to soak up these little boy moments because they will be gone all too soon and all I will have are the memories.

Whisper Wednesday

My kiddos are so exhausted.

The weather is gloomy and just yesterday the weatherman said we had received 21 inches of rain from January – May. That is the same amount of rain we received in total for all of 2014. And it seems like there is no end in site. Every day has some sort of rain percentage. The ground sounds like a smooshy sponge when you walk on it. There have been high water rescues. I mean the water is out of control.

There is 12 days of school left and I am not sure we are all going to make it. You know how you can hold on to a rope so long and then all the sudden there is the end and you fall? That is where we all are. C was not his best self at school on Monday, he actually crumpled up a paper in front of the substitute because he was told to do some of the work over. L spent all of Monday playing the trombone to the feeder elementary schools and Tuesday morning acted like he was going to fall out. He said his arms and body hurt so bad.

I have diagnosed all of our ailments. We are seriously lacking Vitamin D. By this time in the year we are all starting to look sun-kissed. But not this year. We are under umbrellas (if we are outside at all.)

So Sun, come out come out, where ever you are. We need you! We need your vitamins, your bright and shiny disposition because if you continue to stay behind the clouds we may not make it.

Whisper Wednesday

I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but I am pretty impressed by my kids. They make me proud.

Of course there are days when I could disown them as well. But yesterday L came home so excited.

L is in the 6th grade. For his elective this year he wanted to do band. (Now mind you I was in choir, so band is like a foreign universe for me). At the end of 5th grade he had to choose his instrument. He chose the trombone.

Great an instrument with no buttons! How will he ever figure out how to play.

The day he brought it home was comical at best.

But this kid has worked so hard. He was the first to finish the book in class by passing off all lines needed to show he knew how to play.

By March he had improved tremendously!

He has consistently stayed in the top 10 during all the chair tests. At the last one he was 5th chair. When he competed at UIL Solo contest he received a 1st division.

But I am most excited for his upcoming opportunity. It is to play at the 3 elementary schools that feed into the Intermediate School.

He auditioned for the part and only 5 trombones were chosen. He was one of them. In the trombone section there are 30 players. He truly beat the odds and he is so proud of himself. And that is why I am proud of him. He worked hard, set a goal and achieved it!

Whisper Wednesday

After 6 weeks of small group classes and getting to learn so much, L and 85 other 6th grade and up students were Confirmed in the Faith at our church over the weekend.

This service was amazing. Laying hands, along with our family and Pastor, on my oldest baby as he affirmed that Christ was his Savior brought me to tears. And what ya’ll don’t know about me is, I am not a crier!

But this moment of intimacy was one I felt and will cherish in my heart and soul forever.

When we returned home after the service, L opened a Bible we had gotten him for this special day.

It has his name on it. And the excitement he had on his face receiving this gift given just for him. He said, “Wow, it has my name on it, in gold like the side of the pages!” Then he began looking up verses.

Be still my heart!

L and I -The New Confirmand

Celebratory Dinner